Pro Scientific Multi Prep Rapid Homogeniser

Free up your valuable lab time by homogenising with the Multi-Prep Rapid Homogeniser and significantly increase your laboratory productivity.  With its automated processes, the Multi-Prep can produce more consistent homogenising results compared to traditional non-automated and standard manual homogenising methods. Homogeniser protocols vary within any lab and the Multi-Preps programmability function can store up to 10 different homogenising programs in memory. For new homogenising trials or quick-runs, the Multi-Prep can be used in the manual mode for individual sample processing.


This Automated Homogenising System allows for up to 6 samples to be homogenised at one time in mere seconds giving you the maximum ability to process up to 300 samples per hour. Automation is made easy with the stress-free self-engagement and dis-engagement of the Multi-Prep Probes making this truly a hands-free homogenising system. Our superior designed oscillating Spider Tube Rack mimics the up-down motion of hand-held homogenising and can perform 60 oscillations per minute for enhanced homogenizing performance.


The Multi-Prep Rapid Homogeniser utilizes a multi-pack of 7mm or 10mm Multi-Prep Probes. This 12-pack of probes eliminates cross-contamination as well as the time consuming need to stop and clean a generator between samples. A clean Multi-Prep Probe can be used each time. PRO's Multi-Pack Probes are known as the better alternative to disposable plastic generator probes, because our reusable Multi-Prep Probes are made from 316 Stainless Steel and PTFE. This superior design provides the ability to process more difficult samples, including tough tissues and frozen samples. Their infinitely reusable nature means you can use them again and again. When homogenising is complete, the Multi-Prep Probes can be sterilised by any cleaning method, including flaming, autoclaving and chemical cleaning.


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