Atago AP-300 Automatic Polarimeter
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Atago AP-300 Automatic Polarimeter
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The AP-300 fully automatic polarimeter measures a sample easily by setting the observation tube (filled with a liquid sample) in the sample chamber and pressing START. Digitally displayed measurement values are large and easy to read. The AP-300 is generally used in pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, industrial, chemical, and food factories. It is one of the best methods for measuring the angle of rotation. In addition, the built in International Sugar Scale is used widely in sugar factories. This product comes standard with a two (2) year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects from the date of the original purchase. The warranty period can be extended to three (3) years if the product is registered with ATAGO.


Model AP-300
Cat. No. 5291
Measurement Readings Angle of Rotation,
International Sugar Scale
Specific Optical Rotation
Concentration and Purity
Range Angle of Rotation : -89.999 to +89.999°
International Sugar Scale : -130.000 to +130.000°Z
Resolution Angle of Rotation : 0.001°
International Sugar Scale : 0.001°Z
Accuracy Angle of Rotation
Displayed value : ±0.01° (-35.00 to +35.00°)
Relative precision : ±0.2% (-35.01° to -89.99° , +35.01° to +89.99°)
International Sugar Scale
Displayed value : ±0.03°Z (-101.00 to +101.00°Z)
Relative precision : ±0.2% (-130.00 to -101.01°Z , +101.01 to +130.00°Z)
(Checked by reading a standard Quartz Plate)
Temperature compensation 18.0 to 30.0° for ISS
Measurement Wavelength 589nm (equivalent to the sodium-D line spectrum)
Output • Digital Printer DP-AD (Optional)
• RS-232C
Dimensions & Weight 48.5×28.5×17.5cm, 14.4kg


· Special Packages Type A Temperature Controlled : CAT.NO.5296

· Special Packages Type B Temperature Compensation : CAT.NO.5297

· Digital printer DP-AD (Dot matrix printer) : CAT.NO.3123

· Observation tube 50mm long OT-50 (A) 2.5mL : RE-72056

· Observation tube 100mm OT-100(A) (SUS) 5mL : RE-72054

· Observation tube 200mm long OT-200 (A) 10mL : RE-72055

· Jacketed flow tube 50mm : RE-72115

· Jacketed flow tube 100mm : RE-72116

· Jacketed flow tube 200mm : RE-72117

· Jacketed flow tube with funnel 100mm : RE-72118

· Jacketed flow tube with funnel 200mm : RE-72119

· Quartz control plate 34°(100°Z) : RE-72045

· Quartz control plate 17°(50°Z) : RE-72044

· Quartz control plate 8°(25°Z) : RE-72043

· Quartz Control Plate -34° (-100°Z) : RE-72050

· Quartz Control Plate -17° (-50°Z) : RE-72049

· Quartz Control Plate -8° (-25°Z) : RE-72048

· Jacketed Flow Tube (Hastelloy) 100mm : RE-72122


· Deck glass : RE-6712

· Rubber packing for observation tube : RE-78020

· Light source unit : RE-74806

· Printer paper (regular) for Thermal printer : RE-8412

· Printer paper (long-term storage) for Thermal printer : RE-8414

· Printer paper for Dot matrix printer : RE-89403

· Ribbon cassette : RE-89402

· Ring nut for observation tube : RE-72057

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