Bruker MQ One
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Bruker MQ One
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The One Solution for Your Dedicated QC Application

The mq-one is the newest addition to the minispec mq series TD-NMR systems. The award winning mq series covers a wide range of applications and offers expansion capabilities for both routine NMR quality control and R&D. The mq-one takes the minispec mq series product line further into the realm of routine industrial applications.


The minispec mq-one is the right choice

The mq-one analyser is not just a benchtop system or mini NMR system; it is a dedicated analyser providing a complete solution off the shelf. With easy installation, comprehensive calibration and calibration transfer standards, the mq-one is ready for use within minutes. This approach is a result of Bruker`s extensive experience in these dedicated applications.



The minispec mq-one analysers come complete, ready-to-install, with calibration standards and traceable multi-language software. The installation instructions can get easier than this: place the mq-one on your lab bench, connect only two cables: the Ethernet cable to your PC and the power cord, switch it on and in 30 seconds the mq-one is operational.


Better for your Laboratory

Nowadays, laboratory space is precious. The current version of minispec mq-one has a smaller footprint than its predecessor, thus requiring less valuable space on your laboratory bench. Moreover, the mq-one is a quiet-runner, its low decibel operation noise will keep your laboratory quiet. Plus this machine with its maintenance-free ventilation concept requires only comparatively small amounts of electricity (ISO 14001), thus keeping down operating costs.


Performance You Can Rely On

Precise and long-term stable results can only be achieved with an optimal system layout. The mq-one with its all-in-one design perfectly matches these requirements. Both long-term and short-term measurement stabilities for the application of interest have continually been improved further. The system`s internal temperature is kept at a constant higher than room temperature (typically, but not limited to 40 °C) to within a 1/100 of a degree Celsius to guarantee optimal performance in a 24/7 operation.


Minispec m+ software

Since the introduction of the mq-series in 1998, the requirements for today`s industrial Quality Control (QC) have evolved. In order to provide solutions for today's challenges, Bruker now offers the 21 CFR part 11 compliant minispec plus software for the mq-one analysers. The minispec plus combines multilingual support, user administration, ease of use and an intuitive work-flow for both calibration and daily measurements.


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