Leco Pegasus 4D-C
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Leco Pegasus 4D-C
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Developed side-by-side experts in the field, Pegasus® 4D GCxGC TOFMS delivers a comprehensive technological solution.  From complex omic applications, routine quantification of flavour fragrance samples to forensic profiling or drinking and waste water analysis, the Pegasus 4D provides incomparable GCxGC performance.  Thermally isolated and independently controlled, the dual stage-quad jet modulator and secondary oven are mounted inside the primary GC oven.  All aspects of the LECO Pegasus 4D GCxGC TOFMS are completely integrated, fully automated and entirely driven by LECO’s exclusive ChromaTOF software.  Powerful whilst easy-to-use ChromaTOF maximises chromatographic optimisation, providing a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.  Pegasus 4D offers an unrivalled gold standard in GCxGC technology: one instrument, one software, your only GCxGC solution.


Benefits of LECO Pegasus 4D GCxGC TOFMS:

  • Reduce operation costs by omitting the need for LN2 using the LECO Consumable Free GCxGC solutions
  • Lower detection limits by benefiting from the Cryo-focusing effect of dual stage quad jet modulation when using any LECO GCxGC solutions unlike the disadvantages seen in flow modulation
  • Reduce sample run times by increased Peak Capacity and working faster with TOFMS high speed detection rates
  • Easily characterise your complex samples by visualising all chemical groups within a sample due to the benefit of structured chromatograms based on chemical classes that are only achievable using a dual stage quad jet GCxGC separation and ChromaTOF Classification tools.
  • Increase information gleaned from a single injection by taking advantage of the increased peak capacity offered by LECO GCxGC strategies
  • Increased sensitivity as all the sample is delivered to the detector, without the need of splitting flow rates to enter the Mass Spectrometer
  • Optimise and save precious 1st dimension separation efforts by using Variable Modulation Times (VMT) which counteracts over modulation of heavy boilers and improves analyte detectability over the entire chromatographic area
  • Simplified operation and data processing by using ChromaTOF GCxGC single software solution that negates the need for lengthy data export followed by data processing and interpretation strategies using several 3rd party software tools.
  • Matrix problems are easily overcome – TSD® readily resolves coelutions in GCxGC
  • Reduce the burden of sample preparation as dirty samples are no problem for the uniquely designed open ion source design which never needs cleaning
  • Robust & proven technology – minimal maintenance and endorsed by users globally
  • Efficiency in the laboratory – high throughput readily & routinely achieved


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