Leco FP828 Nitrogen Analyser
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Leco FP828 Nitrogen Analyser
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828 Series

Carbon/Nitrogen/ Protein Determinator

By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and an on-board, touch-screen software platform, the 828 Series allows you to easily handle a wide range of sample applications. The core capabilities and performance of previous generations of LECO macro combustion instruments have been maintained, while key improvements have been made in throughput, uptime, and reliability. Macro sample mass capability paired with cycle times as fast as 2.8 minutes make the 828 an ideal instrument for a diverse applications base, while delivering unparalleled sample analysis throughput.

Cornerstone Mobile remote software keeps the user updated from their smartphone on the instrument’s analysis batch progress, performance, and status while away.


FP828 - Nitrogen/Protein
The FP828 delivers fast, accurate, and precise detection of nitrogen/protein in a wide range of food, feed, and other organic matrices, with an analysis cycle time of 2.8 minutes. The FP828 Performance model (FP828P) offers an extended lower nitrogen range and the flexibility of a dual loop aliquot doser (10 cm3 and 3 cm3).

• Feeds
• Petfood
• Milled products


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