PreeKem Extra
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PreeKem Extra
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Solid Phase Extraction

Preekem’s EXTRA is an automated solid phase extraction system capable of high sample throughput and designed to handle all solid phase extraction tasks on small volume samples. From applications in pesticide residues, veterinary residues, to food additives, drug abuse and forensic medicine the Extra is an ideal instrument for handling your samples.


The Precision pumps precisely control the volume and flow of samples and solvent.


Four samples can be processed simultaneously with up to 8 solvents and 108 samples per batch.


A robust X,Y,Z robotic sample handling system provides precise control and sample handling.


The Extra software is intuitive and easy to use with compatibility for tablet or PC (wirelessly)


  • Collect up to 9 fractions.
  • Access to 8 solvents at one time.
  • Space saving design accommodates up to 5 racks and 108 samples per batch.
  • Four individual channels can handle four samples simultaneously for higher efficiency.
  • A multi position valve, made of ceramic prevents liquid leakage and corrosion.
  • Probe wash station rinses outer wall and inner wall.
  • Liquid level tracking system allows the probe to follow the liquid level.
  • Customisable solvent and method library.
  • Separate waste segregated collection system.
  • Automatic SPE cartridge drying system
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