Micro Balance Mu 26i
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Micro Balance Mu 26i
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BEL Engineering introduce the new micro balance series “Mu” with 0.001mg resolution. Equipped with 5 inch colour touch screen display that brings outstanding ease of use thanks also to the innovative wide double glass wind-shield that allows the user to weigh the samples with comfort. Advanced and efficient filtering algorithms will deliver quick and accurate results and many embedded functions to meet all the laboratory requirements. A bench ioniser is provided as standard to neutralize static electricity on charged samples.



  1. 5 inch touch screen display that makes it easy to operate and navigate through the balance functions
  2. Double wind shield for enhanced ventilation and temperature variation protection
  3. External ioniser included with the balance to eliminate static charges
  4. Automatic internal calibration
  5. Wide range of embedded functions such as formulation, GLP, advance piece-counting etc.., 7 languages interface


Capacity [Max]


Resolution [d]


Tare Range

– 6.1 g

Repeatability (St. Dev.) (2 g)

0.004 mg

Repeatability (St. Dev.) (Max)

0.005 mg

Repeatability (St. Dev.) typical (2 g)

0.004 mg

Repeatability (St. Dev.) typical (Max)

0.004 mg

Minimum weight (USP)

10 mg

Minimum weight, typical (USP)

8 mg

Linearity Deviation, Typical

± 0.01 mg

Eccentric Deviation, Typical (Test Load)

0.01 mg (2g)

Response time (sec.)

≤ 8


Automatic internal

Typical Sensitivity Offset

± 2ppm/°C


5" Touch screen

Operating languages

Italian, English, Portuguese, Deutsch, Francaise, Español, Chinese, Russian


RS232, USB (import/export data)

Pan size        


Operating Environment        

+15 °C – +30 °C , 45-65% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)

Operating temp. variation rate

± 0.5 °C/h

Relative humidity variation rate        

± 2%/h



Power Supply (balance)        

110-230Vac, 50/60Hz; output 24V 1A multi plug

Power Supply (ioniser)

110-230Vac, 50/60Hz; output 12V 1A multi plug

Standard Accessories

Bench Ioniser, E2 weight, tweezer

Balance Dimensions (WxLxH)

165 x 480 x 205 mm

Indicator dimension

173(D) x 180(W) x 92(H) mm

Distance pan/top wind shield

75 mm

Wind Shield internal diameter        

165 mm


Repeatability is expressed as a standard deviation from 10 weighing cycles.

Stabilization time depends on the external environment conditions.

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