PreeKem TOPEX+
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PreeKem TOPEX+
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The TOPEX+ Microwave Digestion System is a robust, safe and easy to use high throughput microwave digester manufactured by PreeKem. Designed in Germany with advanced microwave technology and intuitive software the TOPEX+ can completely digest the most demanding samples at the same time and under the same conditions. It can also be configured for extraction and synthesis to offer users a convenient sample preparation solution.



Expertise in Microwave Extraction

  • High efficiency: 40 simultaneous samples digested in 30 minutes approx.
  • An easy 2 step vessel assembly
  • More safety: Onboard Solvent sensor
  • Higher recovery: Integrated magnetic stirrer

Total compliance for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • The TOPEX+ complies with 21CFR PART 11
  • User management interface with E-signature
  • Complete 3Q Audit Trail


  • High quality components made of 316L stainless steel and built by seamless laser welding
  • Multi-layer Dupont PFA coating efficiently protects the cavity from corrosion
  • Large cavity allows up to 40 Vessels
  • Maximum temperature of 350 C

Microwave Source

  • Microwave supply usin two staggered magnetrons
  • Enhanced microwave density and heating efficiency using PreeKem’s Reflect and Guide microwave distribution technique

Door Structure

  • Auto-locking system secures the door during digestion runs
  • The floating door design allows instant pressure release and resealing
  • Integrated system shutdown when the door is opened


  • Built-in large, high-resolution touchscreen
  • Easy set up with a stylus pen
  • Sample Graph and data can be easily displayed
  • Data can be saved, reviewed and exported

Cooling System

  • Powerful corrosion resistant centrifugal fan
  • Strong convection air duct makes cooling faster
  • Independent air duct avoids corrosion

Dual Reaction Control (15/10 Vessel Rotor)

  • PT sensor for accurate temperature measurements
  • High-precision high temperature pressure sensor measures the pressure in real time
  • This precise control of the temperature and pressure is essential for reproducible results and ensures safe operation

Full Vessel Real-Time IR Sensor (15/10 Vessel Rotor)

  • PT sensor allows accurate temperature measurements inside the vessel
  • High-precision pressure sensor measures real-time pressure
  • PID control system with over pressure shutdown

Contactless IR Temperature Sensor (40 Vessel Configuration)

  • Dual circle IR sensors are located at the bottom of rotor
  • Real-time temperature monitoring of each vessel



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