Pegasus BTX
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Pegasus BTX
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Pegasus BTX

The BTX is the culmination of nearly 30 years of developing the ultimate TOF mass analyser for GC and GCxGC applications.



Introducing New TOF Tech

The BTX is the latest generation of LECO’s Benchtop (or BT) GC-TOFMS series. For the past 8 years, the Pegasus BT series has proven reliability in labs performing unbiased, non-targeted analyses and tackling difficult matrices. A diverse spectrum of investigators—including those in industries like Petroleum, Life Sciences, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food Safety, and others—have gained deeper insights into the complex chemistries of their samples thanks to the incredible Pegasus BT.


From its predecessor, the Pegasus BTX retains the innovative StayClean® ion source, blinding fast full-spectrum acquisition rates, and 5 orders of linear dynamic range—all seamlessly orchestrated by ChromaTOF® software. A novel ion path and detector design delivers femtogram-level sensitivity in a miniscule footprint—analytes that previously eluded even advanced targeted GC-MS systems are unveiled with rich mass spectra. At LECO, technological innovations never jeopardise our commitment to instrument quality and robustness: that’s why all new BTX systems include a two-year detector warranty, as a testament to LECO’s investments in ion path integrity.



Pegasus BTX Specifications

Ionisation Source

Electron Ionisation (StayClean® Direct Extraction open style)


Scintillator - Photomultiplier Tube with extended lifetime

Mass Analyser

Time-of-Flight Mass Analyser with Dual Stage single Reflectron

Mass Range

10 - 1500 m/z

Mass Resolution

>1,100 at m/z 219

Spectral Acquisition Rate

1-500 spectra/second - up to 35,000 transients/second

Detection Limit

(GC carrier gas - Helium)

10fg OFN with Quant S/N > 10

Detection Limit

(GC carrier gas - Hydrogen)

10fg OFN with Quant S/N > 10


< 4fg for 8 replicates of 10fg OFN injected


< 5% RSD for 15 injections of 100fg OFN

Linear Dynamic Range

5 orders of magnitude



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