Bionet F0
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Bionet F0
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The F0-BABY series comprises of optimal entry level autoclavable fermenters/bioreactors for microbial and cell culturing bioprocessing activities in biopharma-, food- and agricultural- sectors, among others. The system provides a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to the bigger and more complex equipment, being an ideal solution for R&D as well as training and educational purposes.


While offering simplicity at all levels, a small footprint and a neat design, it provides technological solutions for a range of common advanced fermentation and culturing needs. How does the F0 accomplish this and contribute to your bioprocess?:


Max. Width = 500mm

Max. Height = 632mm

Max. Depth = 380mm

Max. Weight = 50kg


A modular design

A modular design, that allows for the expansion of hardware and software capabilities in the form of advanced modules that follow the plug and play concept.

These modules include:


Advanced gas module

The Advanced Gas Module, for automatic mixing of up to 4 gases and their inlet via both sparger and overlay. The plugging of this module will enable software capabilities such as the acidification of the broth (i.e. pH control) via acid or CO2, and the use of N2 as an actuator in the DO cascade.

Air, O2, CO2, N2



Continuous Process Module

The continuous process module, for the extraction and renewal of media, and the perfusion module for extraction, renewal and separation of biomass from smaller molecular components.

Reversible direction

Variable speeds:

4 – 200 rpm


Variable Speed Pump

The variable speed pump module, for addition of nutrient in fed-batch processes, which enable further control capabilities in the software such as the addition of nutrient according to growth profiles, and the use of the pump in the cascade control mode of DO.

Reversible direction

Variable speeds:

4/30/100 rpm


Supporting Growth

The F0 is designed to share the same space and the same automation software with their fellow ones, increasing your lab capacity.


Facilitating Knowledge

The availability of spare electronics and software flexibility for the integration of a variety of in-situ process analytical technologies (e.g. optical density sensors, gas analysers, glucose sensors) and the integration of their measurements into advanced control strategies.


Easing Operation

A range of accessories that allow for flexibility in the operation and ease bioreactor handling, such as height-adjustable dip tubes, easy to clean additions nozzle, and robust, accessible and interchangeable vessel supports, among many others.

The type and number of accessories will vary depending on the application



Its inseparable friend is ROSITA , Bionet’s proprietary automation software for laboratory use, which allows for a sophisticated and tight automatic control over the processes and provides the user with ways to visualise, analyse and manage the data.

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