PreeKem M6
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PreeKem M6
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Intelligent Microwave Digestion System


Guaranteed user friendliness

  • Pre-loaded digestion methods
  • Intuitive software interface
  • Convenient switch between rotors
  • Multiple safety features in the hardware


Guaranteed digestion performance

  • Complete solutions to samples of diverse background
  • Precise dual temperature/pressure control
  • Max batch time (including cooling) NMT 60 min


Guaranteed return on investment

  • Maximised sample throughput (160 per shift)
  • Reduced average acid consumption
  • Minimised consumables and extended vessel lifetime


M6, the first model in PreeKem’s brand new ‘M’ family, comes at a time when new design ideas and concepts in improving reaction control, operation safety, hardware handling, and cost of use are being earnestly sought by both manufacturers and end users of MWD.


Novel technologies and functions that are widely considered features of new generation instruments, such as the powerful, contactless mid-IR temperature sensors, vertical rotor conveyer, individual in-vessel temperature control, etc, became standard in this modern equipment. Pre-loaded method library saves tremendous time for method creation and editing. The floating safety door literally reduces the health hazards of a potential blast to zero. It also has virtually no consumables, so you should expect some substantial savings down the road, one of the many benefits M6 brings to the customers.


M6 is a beautiful and yet versatile workhorse that can truly make a difference for a lot of labs.

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