AnalytikJena PlasmaQuant MS
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AnalytikJena PlasmaQuant MS
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ICP-MS tailored to your requirements

  • Sensitive – 1500 Mcps/ppm at <2% CeO
  • Cost-effective – half the argon consumption
  • Fast – 50% higher sample throughput
  • Robust – matrix-independent long-term stability
  • Versatile – optimized for research and routine use


PlasmaQuant MS models:

PlasmaQuant MS

The robust system for efficient and stable characterization of high matrix samples:

  • Outstanding plasma robustness for high matrices
  • Minimized drift at changing matrix load
  • Efficient interference management with outstanding ease of use


PlasmaQuant MS Q

The fast system for high-throughput analysis and superior precision for large sample batches:

  • High sensitivity for optimized data acquisition
  • Universal interference management mode
  • 11 orders dynamic range for full coverage of required concentration range



PlasmaQuant MS Elite models:

PlasmaQuant MS Elite S

The high sensitivity instrument for routine ultratrace element detection in clean sample matrices:

  • Ultra sensitive and stable performance for best signal-to-noise ratio
  • High ion transmission with full sensitivity control on complete mass range
  • Market leading abundance sensitivity


PlasmaQuant MS Elite

The flexible system with ultimate sensitivity and targeted performance optimization using various accessories for advanced research:

  • Ultimate freedom of optimization through full ion focus control 
  • Shortest dwell time and best mass separation
  • Flexible connection of accessories using two entry ports to the plasma compartment


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