Maassen Hydraulic Press MP250 & MP250D
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Maassen Hydraulic Press MP250 & MP250D
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Maassen Pellet Press MP250 (Analogue) and MP250D (Digital)


The All-Round Talent


The MP250 has a pressure gauge with 100 mm dia. and a scale of 0.5 tons. It uses four longer columns compared to the MP150 for larger die sets and improved stability. The enhanced pressure range extends the press use for the common 32 and 40 mm die sets, needed for XRF analysis.


The MP250D uses the same digital display as the MP150D and shows pressure differences in 10 kg steps (0.01 tons). So you can precisely check the load on your die set. This makes sense for very small die sets which usually don't stand high loads. Therefore, the MP250D is a press for all applications in your lab.


We recommend a minimum pressure of about 1 ton to allow the hydraulic lines to close. Then, the press can maintain the load for hours. The maximum load is limited to 25 – 27 tons.


The manual release valve allows a smooth pressure decrease to avoid cracks in your pellets.




The MP250D can also be combined with an adjustable pressure limiter (p/n: MP-S2) to set the maximum load individually. It can be programmed with the buttons at the display. This saves samples and dies from over load and allows reproducible samples. This setting is saved, even when you turn off the display.


With the serial connector, you can send the press data to your Computer (p/n: MP-DA1).





Dimension (H min / max x W x D)

497/609 x 370 x 300mm


Width Between Pillars



Min / Max Inner Height

73mm / 185mm


Display / Resolution

Analogue, 0.5 ton

 Digital 0.01 ton

Spindle Dia.



Spindle Way Max.



Cylinder Dia. / Way

105mm / 22mm


Weight Net





Ext. NT. 12V

Order Number



Options for MP150D:

MP-DA1: Data Output, serial

MP-S2: Microprocessor Control



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