ePrep uSPEed® microSPE Cartridges
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ePrep uSPEed® microSPE Cartridges
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µSPEed® microSPE Cartridges

μSPEed microSPE Cartridges can be used together with the ePrep® ONE or digiVOL® Programmable Digital Syringe Driver to revolutionise microSPE, microseparation and microreaction sample preparation workflows.


µSPEed & HPLC separations


µSPEed cartridges will revolutionise micoSPE and microseparations

The µSPEed microSPE Cartridges act like a short HPLC column, where separation occurs not only during digital extraction but also in the sample clean-up phase. The high pressures generated using analytical syringes allow the use of ≤3 μm sorbents, further increasing the efficiency of the cartridges. This results in cleaner sample extraction, compound fractionation, high concentration factors, and even isocratic and stepped elution LC for MS infusion directly from the cartridge.


Key benefits


  • 1,000:1 concentration factor can be achieved within minutes, allowing high resolution trap and elute without solvent blowdown
  • Small particle sorbents enable ultra-clean preparation of even the most complex samples, such as blood
  • Controlled sample loading and elution results in highly reproducible preparation
  • Reduced waste and operational costs, thanks to small elution volumes and no need for solvent blowdown
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