Bioreactors / Fermenters



The F1 models include autoclavable bench scale bioreactors/fermentors designed to meet the challenging and varied R&D requirements in biotechnological and biopharmaceutical processes. The system is user friendly, flexible and expandable. It combines the highest technology standards of the sector with premium quality and a reduced investment.




F2 models are the perfect solution for all those seeking for a sterilisable in place (SIP) bioreactor/ fermentor, incorporating the latest technology and offering both, a user friendly handling.

A modular system designed and constructed under the highest quality standards, equipped for a simple operation that will be easily integrated into your facilities.




To control fermentation and cell culture in the F Series, BIONET has developed the advanced control software ROSA+(Research Oriented Software Application). It is a powerful tool that incorporates all the functions necessary for integrated process control and posterior data analysis and management. ROSA+ is installed as standard in each BIONET FCU (Fermentor Control Unit). The FCU is the unit where all the operations (utility supply, process and automation control) are centralized and has been designed to be compatible with each particular model of the F series.


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