AMS Alliance iCinac Wireless
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AMS Alliance iCinac Wireless
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iCinac Wireless


PH, Temperature and Redox measurement system.


A New wireless solution is now available and was initially developed for dairy industries to monitor the acidifying activity of lactic ferments by measuring PH.

This very convenient and portable solution uses multi-parameter digital probes for continuous monitoring of a change in pH, but without cables or controllers.

Each digital probe is equipped with a wireless transmitter which relays data to a the USB receiver on a remote PC that runs AMS user-friendly analytical software.

The iCinac has 16 channels so additional probes can be added at any time in the future to expand the system to 16 probes. The probes wireless transmitter has a range of several hundred meters with each digital probe operating up to 30 days.

The system has the advantage of simultaneously measuring in real time on the each channel, PH, temperature and Redox potential of one sample.

This ready-to-use package is delivered in a customised Case, with optional battery charger. The software can be set up on a compatible computer.

The system is flexible, low cost, and modular and is a scalable solution and is easy to deploy.

The iCinac is in use in the dairy industry (yoghurt, cheese, specialties, etc.) as well as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agri-food (beer, spirits, meat, etc.). and suitable for any industry requiring continuous and multi-channel monitoring of pH, Temperature and Redox.

Furthermore, it meets the specifications of the ISO 26323 standard (Determination of the acidification activity of dairy cultures by continuous pH measurement.


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