Parker TOC-CO2 Free Air

The Parker TOC-625 and TOC-1250 gas generators supply a continuous supply of hydrocarbon free, CO2 free compressed air for a TOC analyser. An in-house generator is safer and more convenient than the use of bottled gas. In addition, the overall cost is lower and the generator eliminates the requirement for transporting heavy cylinders from the production facility to the end-use location, significant environmental benefits are obtained.


Features and benefits:


  • Replaces high pressure gas tanks to supply hydrocarbon-free CO2 - free gas. Purity exceeds gas purity requirements for TOC analysers.
  • Eliminates acquisition and installation of bulky and hazardous compressed air tanks.
  • Prevents running out of gas during instrument operation.
  • Extremely low cost of operation, no hidden costs. (demurrage, maintaining inventory)
  • Minimum environmental impact, while transportation of tanks has a significant negative "green" impact.
  • Continuous operation with minimum maintenance.



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