Excellims HPIMS GA2200
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Excellims HPIMS GA2200
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GA2200: the only standalone HPIMS instrument designed for the GMP environment.



High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometry-based chemical detection at the point of risk, in minutes. Particularly suited for applications such as cleaning validation on pharmaceutical production lines.




Point-of-Need Detection of Trace Chemicals 

Unlike unreliable handheld devices and slow lab-based chemical detection systems, companies turn to Excellims’ compact HPIMS instrument, the GA2200, because it provides significant manufacturing savings alongside trustworthy results, fast. 

Excellims is uniquely equipped to support organizations that have no room for error and need to protect reputations. Initially developed using an FDA-funded grant, the instrument is GMP compliant.

With the GA2200 High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometry Analyzer:


  • Identify existence of trace residues, directly on the production line
  • Get production equipment back online faster between different manufacturing batches/lines
  • Know that you are compliant with regulations
  • Get a flexible solution: when combined with our ESI source, it can also be used as an HPLC, for the analysis of non-volatile organics and biologics for example



High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometer For When Results Can't Wait

The GA2200 provides High Performance IMS-based chemical detection at the point of risk, in minutes, rather than days as seen with current lab-based techniques like HPLC. Particularly suited for applications such as cleaning validation on pharmaceutical production lines, the GA2200 is the only standalone HPIMS instrument designed for the GMP environment. We are the only analytical IMS company that supports this market.



Why compromise? Fast, high performance chemical detection for critical applications


Unmatched performance at point of need

  • 2-3 x higher separation power than regular ion mobility devices (HPIMS resolving power 70-120)
  • Wide range of applicability, including non-volatiles, through use of electrospray ionization (ESI)

Regulatory Compliant for Cleaning Validation

  • 21CFR part 11 compliant software package

Put sample in: Get consistent results out

  • Chemical analysis with HPLC-like performance in 15-60 seconds

Easy to use and Flexible

  • Minimal sample preparation and no need for large quantities of solvents
  • Analysis of liquid, solid and gas samples with electrospray, thermal desorber and GC-inlet source options


Perfect for when there is no room for error, and results can’t wait

The GA2200 is the instrument of choice for companies that require efficiency and answers they can rely on. For example global CDMOs (pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organizations) increasingly choose HPIMS over HPLC for cleaning validation.

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