Scion TOGA - Transformer Oil Gas Analyser

SCION has the experience and know-how to provide pre-configured gas chromatographs that are ready at power up to handle your key applications. SCION has more than 50 standard, pre-configured systems available to meet a wide variety of applications, such as SIMDIST, DHA, RGA, BTU and others. If you have an analytical challenge to solve then our long experience in designing, configuring and manufacturing complete systems, with all their analytical benefits, ensures you get the solution that’s right for you.


How the SCION GC can work for the Oil & Gas market

SCION gas chromatographs are designed to operate 24/7, a definite requirement as processes have to be controlled around the clock. Apart from very flexible straight configurations highly specialized analysers are available. These analysers comply with ASTM, EN, ISO, IP and GPA standards and methodologies. Furthermore SCION can configure custom instruments providing the perfect solution to your particular analytical, gas chromatographic problem.


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