Ankom Flex Analyte Extractor
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Ankom Flex Analyte Extractor
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Breakthrough Technology

Automated Saponification to Isolation

  • Automates fat-soluble vitamin, cholesterol, crude and total fat extraction.
  • Provides ability to create custom methods.
  • Eliminates bi-phase extractions.
  • Reduces solvent usage to 50-100ml/assay.
  • Eliminates chemical handling to improve safety.
  • Full record keeping.

The ANKOMFLEX Analyte Extractor is designed to simplify fat-soluble vitamin, cholesterol, and crude and hydrolysis fat determinations. Supporting up to four samples at a time, the system will automatically complete digestion, solid phase extraction (SPE) and evaporation in about two hours. 



Digestion vessels have been designed to allow samples to be weighed directly into the system eliminating transfer error. Filtration takes place without user intervention, further reducing technician labour. Once the system is purged with nitrogen and free of oxygen, reagents are pumped into each vessel while the sample is mixed. As little as 50-100ml of solvent is needed per run.

Solid Phase Extraction

After digestion, the sample solution is cooled and transferred through specially designed filters onto the SPE columns. Water-soluble components are separated from the analyte by adsorption onto the SPE columns. 


A nitrogen atmosphere, positive flow and low temperature evaporation protects sensitive analytes from oxidation and optimizes solvent evaporation. Once the process is complete, the isolated analyte is ready for reconstitution and quantitation by HPLC, GC or gravimetric analysis. 


State-of-the-art Software

The  ANKOMFLEX Analyte Extractor has touch screen functionality and a user-friendly interface. Digestion time, temperature, and pressure is monitored and controlled at all times. The software allows custom method design and research capabilities. 

  • Methods: Runs pre-programmed and custom methods
  • Diagnostics: Includes monitoring, calibration, and troubleshooting of the system
  • Records and Updates: Contains records of assays, faults, calibrations, and services


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