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Bionet Rosita
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Rosita is a powerful, intuitive and flexible software for scientists to control and truly understand their bioprocess and the potential of it

Automation, control, visualisation and analysis of your bioprocess

ROSITA is the automation SW that comes with the F0-BABY and F1 lab and pilot equipment series, complementing them with the following advantages.

Increasing consistency in your experiments, which in turn enhances reproducibility of your results and thereby approval of your bioprocess.
Ensuring understanding of your strain’s nature and your bioprocess’ parameters evolution and relationship in real time, facilitating optimisation tasks and design of next experiments.

Enabling predictability of your bioprocesses’ evolution, results and product characteristics.


ROSITA enables an efficient automation and tight control over the process via:

  • A variety of control loop possibilities beyond the basic parameters of pH, temperature, agitation, gas flows and dissolved oxygen.
  • The possibility to create and manage recipes, in which control loops are configured across several stages and transitions between these stages in the basis of events and/or time are established.


ROSITA embraces the plug and play concept by upgrading its interface and functionalities upon the connection of additional instrumentation and/or actuators. ROSITA allows:

  • The visualisation and use of process data from additional in-situ Process Analytical Technologies (PATs), such as total/viable biomass counters, conductivity sensors, CO2 probes, etc.
  • The use of additional proprietary modules that allow further process functionalities and modes (e.g. advanced gas strategies, continuous process mode, etc).
  • The introduction of offline data, for its visualisation and usage in advanced control strategies



ROSITA developers realise about the benefits that the visualisation and analysis of a bioprocess can bring in R&D and scale-up studies, and have therefore provided ROSITA with capabilities to:

  • Visualise all process parameters in real time, in trend graphs with many features that facilitate the navigation across data.
  • Perform comparative analysis via a graph that allows the plotting of up to 3 different batches.
  • Calculate process parameters.

ROSITA is designed to:

  • Be accessible both on-site and remotely.
  • Control simultaneous bioprocessing in its multibioreactor configuration (up to 4 bioreactors).



ROSITA deals with bioprocess data in efficient and intuitive ways:

Perform data registration in ordered CSV format.

Upon demand, it delivers data in more advanced formats such as reports.

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