Smart-Elut Vacuum Manifold with 20 Positions

For Luer Tip Cartridges. Includes rack for 16x100mm test tubes

  • Item No. : EL1021
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The Smart-Elut Vacuum Manifold can simultaneous process up to 20 SPE Luer tip cartridges simultaneously. This manifold is robust and solvent resistant and with a glass vacuum chamber you can easily see when sample collection is completed. There are a number of collection racks available to meet many test tube types.





Smart-Elut Vacuum Manifold

Collection Rack 16 x 100 mm  (Other Racks available)





20-Position vacuum manifold for Luer Tip SPE Columns

Easy Vacuum adjustment using the integrated vacuum gauge and separately controlled stopcocks

Glass vacuum chamber for easier viewing of collection process with exit valve

A 3-Point interlocking system ensures correct orientation of racks

Disposable Polypropylene needle tips to eliminate cross contamination risk

The Smart-Elut has a range of collection racks which allows the user to choose the appropriate collection test tubes for their analysis.



Available Collection Racks:


For 10 x 75 mm test tubes

For 13 x 75 mm test tubes

For 13 x 100 mm test tubes

For 16 x 75 mm test tubes

For 16 x 100 mm test tubes

For 12 or 15 conical


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